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Grooming a Labrador: Proper Care from Head to Toe


lab grooming

Labradors have great short hair that’s dense and almost waterproof. There are no tangles to comb behind the ears, and no fur balls that clump together. A Labrador basically has a wonderful wash-and-wear coat! However, this doesn’t mean regular grooming isn’t necessary, only it’s just a lot easier for a Lab owner. Grooming your pet paves the way for more bonding moments, where both you and your pet benefits from the physical contact. A closer look presents you with the opportunity to potential problems early on. Aside from brushing and bathing, all parts of your dog’s body should be given proper care.

Brushing a Labrador

A good, gentle, natural or nylon bristle brush may be all that you may need for your Lab to stay clean. Firm brushing effectively removes dried mud, dirt and dust, or sand from your dog’s coat. Thorough brushing can be done at least once a week, but if you can, do it every day. Your Lab will enjoy daily brushing and the massaging effect of your stroking efforts. Their coat will be glistening and looking pristine and very healthy as brushing stimulates its natural oils throughout your best friend’s lovely fur.

brushing a lab

Moulting can be dealt with by the use of an efficient rake comb, a special tool designed to gather loosening hair and help lessen the impact of shedding throughout your house. Ensure you are wearing clothes where hair won’t easily stick, otherwise the astounding amount of dead hair and fur will be all over you! The more you take out, the less you will see on your clothes, carpet, and furniture. This can be a challenging battle to overcome, especially on the shedding season, which can be a big and grand seasonal blow! Delight in the fact that you can always treat your Lab to some pampering at a dog salon.

Bathing a Labrador

Bathing is mostly called for during those moments your Labrador happily paddled in muddy puddles, or rolled over in the dirty ground at the park. They can become really filthy and smelly! Anyway, it’s not too often they require bathing which can dry out their skin, but can possibly happen just when you’ve got that new carpet installed and even right after they’ve gone under a bath in your garden! Prepare a nice shampoo to work your way around the water-resistant fur. Shampooing is not recommended unless it’s really needed since it strips out the natural oils in your dog’s adorable double coat, and reduces its cold repellent qualities. Have your hose handy along with a couple of large towels for your big Lab, and get ready for some wet and wild action.

Grooming Routine for a Labrador

Inspection must always be part of a grooming session, done typically from head to toe. Keep toenails clipped and check for any bumps, dry patches, or hair loss. Assess tender areas like the toes, footpads, and behind the ears. Clean your precious dog’s eyes and watch out for any irritation or discharge. Clean the ears with a cotton ball moistened with ear cleaner and be on the lookout for redness, scratching of ears, and bad smell coming out of it. Brush your dog’s teeth daily. If you really can’t, do it even just twice a week, since dental health is an essential part of your Labrador, and any dog or human’s overall health.

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